Exalted victory at NEPL E3

NEPL E3 – July 27th, 2014. Once again, Exalted dominates the 2014 Chicago layout top quality medications. buy viagra dapoxetine online . cheapest rates, trustworthy online viagra. and takes home the silver at NEPL E3.

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Despite the torrential downpour flooding both fields and creating new rivers throughout the staging area, players braved the storm through thunder and lightening to play a full day of paintball. As practiced, with David Chang (#10) in the snake, Tom Agresta (#81) in the snake corner, Matt Stover (#35) at snake can, Eric Gregory (#64) at D1 and Drew Davidson at D-corner, Exalted started the first game ready with a plan. Unfortunately, things don’t often go exactly as planned and in the first game against Fear, David was shot out off the break, Tom inured himself in attempt to make it to snake corner, and Eric and Drew were forced to stop at a bunker before reaching their starting bunkers bringing Exalted a loss on the first game. Due to Tom’s injury, Cam Sacco played the remainder of the tournament in his stead. The first points continued to be indeterminate with a win against Team No Name Crew, a loss against Ignition, and a win against Zeta. Fortunately, Exalted hit a groove and proceeded to win all the second round points closing out matches against Team No Name Crew and Zeta. Going 1-1 against Fear and Ignition, Exalted needed one more win to guarantee a spot in the quarter-finals. In the tiebreak point, Fear picked off Exalted players one-by-one and took the point. Thankfully, in the make-or-break game against Ignition, Exalted quickly took control of the snake side and advanced quickly up the field taking the point and advancing into quarter-finals.

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Going into the quarter-finals with a 2nd place seed in the bracket, Exalted was 3-1 losing only to Fear. Surprisingly enough, Exalted was matched up against Fear in the quarter-finals for a single elimination match. Knowing Fear’s ability to play order online at usa pharmacy! dapoxetine buy online uk . approved pharmacy, buy dapoxetine online india. a strong snake, Cam was strategically put in snake corner to solely post-up on the snake-tape, guaranteeing no advancement up the snake. This put Exalted in a position to play conservatively and win two consecutive points.

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Exalted was matched up against Mass Assassins in the semi-final round. Having observed Mass Assassins in previous matches, Exalted was prepared for a different breakout in the single-elimination semi-finals. Mass Assassins played an aggressive game advancing quickly, but also losing bodies just as quickly. This did not work to their advantage in the first game, but did in the second. In the tiebreak point, through strong communication and patience, Exalted came out on top.

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Exalted advanced to the finals to find out that Team No Name Crew would be their adversaries for the first place position. Having had practiced with Team No Name Crew only a couple weeks prior at Matt’s Outback Paintball, everything had come full circle. Exalted played hard baclofen for sale without prescription cheap baclofen online no rx saturday delivery on line pharmacy baclofen kaufen baclofen ohne rezept cheap baclofen in the finals, but in the end, Team No Name Crew learned from their mistakes in the preliminaries, came up with a strong strategy and defeated Exalted in the final match.

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Exalted would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support: Paintball Wizard, Hustle Paintball, and HK Army

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Overall tournament stats and scores can be found on the APPA website for 2014 NEPL E3


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