Exalted takes home silver in NPS E2

womans health, generic estrace cream cost , generic estradiol transdermal patch – cecos.edu.pk. NPS E2 is generic zoloft safe generic zoloft cost without insurance zoloft reviews – June 8th, 2014. This event marks a milestone in Exalted‘s tournament career. Not only did we advance past the preliminaries, we advanced past the semi-finals and into the finals taking 2nd place! This having been the second time many teammates have officially played together, Exalted played an amazing tournament. The vibe was just right and the communication on the field was top-notch!

2014 NPS E2 Standings

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David Chang (#10) played the snake, Matt Stover (#35) sentried on the snake-side can, Eric Gregory (#64) locked down the dorito-side can, and Drew Davidson (#18) and Nick Nealon (#87) leap-frogged up the doritos providing each other constant cover. Communication was strong and team members all knew when it was their time to step up and move. Eric’s fast fingers gave Exalted a starting advantage for several games getting one or two kills off the break immediately. 50-snake controlled the game at times and when the opponents beat us there, Matt would undoubtedly inform David so that he could make the move to trade 1-for-1 or 1-for-2. Most games came down to Drew and Nick remaining on the dorito side and then more often than not, just Nick. Showcasing his 1-on-1 ability, Nick closed out several games, including our final game in the preliminaries beating the undefeated Saco River Shipyard Ale taking us into the semi-finals.

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Exalted continued to excel in the semi-finals taking 2 out of the 3 games beating Contraband Kids and Hello Nasty, putting us into the finals against 3 other teams: The Institution, Contraband Kids, and O.S.P. We closed out the first two games strong against The Institution and Contraband Kids and lost in our final match to O.S.P. placing us in 2nd overall in the NPS E2 tournament.

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We’d also like to thank John Dellano with CBN Media for the great photos and video!


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